Evergreen Speedway Promotions and Additions to Award Winning Staff

December 16, 2016

For Immediate Release:

Evergreen Speedway Promotions and Additions to Award Winning Staff.

Evergreen Speedway is very proud to announce the promotion of Kevin Guthrie to Director of Motorsports. Kevin has been serving as our NASCAR Technical Director as well as our Evergreen Drift and Evergreen AutoX Director. Kevin will oversee all motorsports platforms. He will handle all day to day operations including overseeing safety, technical, rules and race procedures for all divisions.

Working closely with Kevin, will be our new NASCAR Race Director, Jay Carpenter. Jay will also be taking over Drag Racing Director duties beginning this season. Jay brings NASCAR and S.C.C.A. racing experience as well as high level sports officiating skills. Jay will be supported on the NASCAR series with new corner spotters and a new Assistant Race Director.

Another key addition is Jeremy Anders. Jeremy will be the new Media & PR Director as well as Lead Announcer.  He will also oversee Group Ticket Sales, and assist with Sponsorship and Marketing. Jeremy’s experience at the Town Center in Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Wild Hockey Team are the perfect complement to our continued effort for top customer service at Evergreen Speedway. Having grown up in racing, we welcome his experience and dedication to motorsports announcing.  His previous announcing experience includes Wenatchee Valley Super Oval, NW Super Late Model Series, Speed51.Com.

Steve Mortland will be joining Jeremy in the announcer booth for various events, as well as taking on new responsibilities for on line streaming, pod casting, recording driver interviews and other specials to reach our ever-growing worldwide audience. Steve will also be hosting a weekly race chat pod cast for the Pacific Northwest region.

Nicole Gruendl rounds out our front office team.  Her duties include Marketing Assistant, Driver Liaison, Special Events & Catering Coordinator.  Nicole has 20 years’ experience in Marketing, PR and Public Speaking/Coaching.  She has a passion for all things automotive, and is a member of the Harley Davidson community.

Evergreen Speedway is located in Monroe, WA, on the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, and is operated by High Road Promotions owners Doug and Traci Hobbs.  Evergreen Speedway is Washington state’s only NASCAR track and is also home to international touring series, Formula Drift and Red Bull Global Rally Cross.

For more information, contact Doug Hobbs 425 268 9994 or doug@evergreenspeedway.com