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Draft Rescue Response – Evergreen Speedway EMS/Rescue

The Evergreen Speedway EMS Team is made up of 40 dedicated staff that specialize in providing fire, rescue, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for all persons attending events at the Evergreen Speedway.

The EMS/Rescue Team works an average of 215 events throughout the year. EMS covers any type of events held at the Speedway, racing or not.

Speedway EMS is always looking for highly motivated EMTs and Firefighters to join the team. Fill out the EMS Employment Application and return it today. You will then be contacted to schedule an interview.

Mission Statement

The Evergreen Speedway EMS/Rescue Team provides for the safety and welfare of Speedway employees, racers, and fans through protection of life and property.

Vision Statement

A trusted leader serving the staff, racers, and fans of the Evergreen Speedway with a commitment to innovation and improvement.


    • Plan for technology improvements and maintenance to meet the operational needs of Evergreen Speedway and NASCAR.
    • Develop and expand on existing partnerships to build trust and explore collaborative opportunities.
    • Deliver excellent service while focusing on innovation and improvement.
    • Exercise sound financial judgement and plan for fiscal sustainability.
    • Develop and manage infrastructure to support operations and innovations now and for the future.
    • Hire, develop, take care of and promote the best people.


    • HONOR – The enormous commitment necessary to perform the Agency’s tasks requires excellence of character. We inspire each other through pride in our unit, which is a belief that every action reflects on all members of the unit. Both past and present.
    • DUTY – To do the work that needs to be done.
    • COURAGE – To prepare thoroughly and act when called.
    • ACCOUNTABILITY – We shall accept ownership for our actions and decisions.
    • TRUSTWORTHINESS – We believe trustworthiness is one of the most important ethical values and brings together such qualities as honest, integrity, reliability, and loyalty.
    • EXCELLENCE – We consider it our duty to deliver friendly, beneficial quality service with flexibility and adaptability to an ever-changing environment, which promotes our mission.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – Obtaining, maintaining and enhancing personal knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure the delivery of the highest quality service at all times.



Speedway Main Office: 360.805.6100

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