Drift Rules

Rules //

Drift General Rules / Grassroots Drift Rules / Open Drift Rules /2023 FD ProAm Drift Rules

Make sure you read and follow them so you don’t have any problems passing tech and don’t do anything that will end your day early.

Pit Fire Extinguisher requirement FULLY ENFORCED! All drivers must have a 10lb or two 5lb fire extinguishers in their pit space at all times.

Events //

Please see the schedule page for the official list of events.

Types of events:

  • Open Drift – These are practice/play days open to anyone who has a car that can pass tech inspection with the required safety equipment, and agrees to abide by the Evergreen Drift rules and waiver terms. Grandstands are open for spectators, and pit passes are available to drivers and crew.
  • Drift School – The drift school is designed for drivers new to drifting to get one-on-one instruction from Evergreen Drift’s experienced instructors.
  • Bardahl Grassroots Championship – Are you new to drift competitions? This is a unique championship series that allows drivers of all skill levels and car setups to compete inexpensively with an equal shot at the podium. The proven competition rules allow for caged and non-caged cars to safely compete head to head by pitting them against each other on one of our infield courses. Judging is based on how well the driver pushes their car to the limits, allowing a beginner in a mildly modified car an equal playing field against a competitor with a highly modified car. This is a true grassroots series allowing drivers of all experience levels the chance to bring home a trophy.
  • BARDAHL NW Drifting Series – The Northwest’s top drifters battle it out on 5 different courses spread out over 4 rounds in this championship series. Both licensed professional drifters and amateur drivers will vie for the title of BARDAHL NW Drifting Series Champion. 3 of the 4 rounds of this series are held during our DriftCon events. Come compete in front of a grandstand full of fans!
  • Formula Drift ProSpec Licensing Shootouts – Earn your Formula Drift ProSpec license right here at Evergreen Drift! We hold an annual event, where the top-ranked finisher of 2 shootouts held in the same day will be awarded their ProSpec license and make the move to Formula Drift.

See the event posts for details on pricing, schedule, and additional information.

Event Registration //

Driver Sign-Up for Competitions:
  • Competition registration will be online and open prior to the event date.
  • Competition registration does have a drivers cap so be sure to register to ensure you are able to drive!
Open Drift Events:
  • Pre-registration is not necessary.
  • The event post will let you know if there are any special registration or other changes.

What to do when you arrive //

  1. Pay and sign the waivers at the pit shack.
  2. Park in the pits, unpack, and drive your car to tech.
  3. Once your car passes tech make sure you get your run group assigned by the registration/tech people.
  4. Attend the mandatory Drivers Meeting at the time specified on the event post.
Pit Gate:
  • The South RV Pit Gate is the usual way to get into the pits. The event post will have instructions if there are any changes for events during the Fair, Formula Drift, etc.
  • Follow Cascade View Dr. off HWY2, turn left AFTER the RV area with the white fence. Follow the gravel road to the left and then turn right into the track.
NOTE: Gravel access road speed is 10 mph! Speeding will make the county workers unhappy and jeopardize our ability to hold future events. Do not speed, drift, or do doughnuts near the Speedway! Violators will be banned and reported to the police.

View Evergreen Drift Pit Gate in a larger map

Event Special Notes //

Noise Curfews:
Sundays – County regulations prevent the firing of an engine (aka any loud automotive noise) at the Speedway before 11AM on Sundays.
Please help us by not revving engines and gearing up as you drive in if you have loud exhaust. We need to keep the neighbors happy and fine free to continue drifting at the Speedway! Gross violators will be removed from the Speedway without refund.
Pit Access for Minor:
  • Minors of all ages are allowed in the pit area. They must be properly signed in by a LEGAL guardian or parent.
  • 16 is the minimum age for ride alongs and all minors must have a parent/guardian sign a waiver.
  • Grandstand access is all ages and is the only safe place for young children.
  • See the Minor Waiver Information Page for full details and instructions.

5/8ths Track:

All cars must meet the safety equipment rules and drivers must wear all safety gear required in the ProAm Rules to drift the 5/8ths course on open drift days and during ProAm competitions.

New drivers must be approved by Director of Evergreen Drift to be allowed on the 5/8ths.