Evergreen Speedway Covid-19 Update 5-4

Phase I Covid-19 Update:

Tuesday May 5th begins Phase 1 of Washington’s four phase roll out. As outlined by Gov. Inslee, each phase will be monitored and measured at a minimum three-week increment between phases.

Should all the data and science show measurable declining numbers of cases, here are our best case scenarios:

Phase 1- May 5th
Phase 2- May 26th
Phase 3- June 16th
Phase 4- July 7th Hopefully Racing Begins

Working with State and County officials, we have presented outlines to open for competitor-only events like AutoCross, Open Drift or NASCAR Practices. Plus track rentals for NASCAR teams in the early stages. Every phase of operations will have mandated track safety procedures in place to keep everyone distanced with safety being the number one factor. The track’s huge acreage layout allows for extreme distances per car, should we be able to practice.

We certainly understand the nature and severity of this virus and will not push things too quickly. No one is more anxious for life to return to the new normal than Evergreen Speedway and our racing community.

Thank you to front line healthcare heroes for talking care of our families and friends. Thank you to all the EMS workers, military and law enforcement for all you contribute to our communities.

To all of our elected officials, thank you. We know this can be a no win situation for each of you to manage and represent.

Logistics is everything in any operation. We want to thank all the truck drivers, warehouse workers, delivery companies, stores, pharmacies and businesses who have kept our state and our country rolling with essentials each and every day.

Tomorrow is a new beginning for all of us. We know the hardships many are feeling, especially in small business and those struggling to simply survive. One way or another, we are all in this together. We have no choice but to do our best to win in these difficult times. There is no rule book and guidelines are ever changing. Access. Adapt. Overcome.

Thank you everyone!

We have many things to be thankful for, including thousands of racing friends and families, sponsors and fans!

Doug & Traci and the Evergreen Team