Super Podcast of the West with Steve Mortland & Tom Glithero

Episode 17 Featuring Ray Townsend and why he knows so much about Evergreen

Episode 16 Featuring Gillian Leppado making history in the Outlaw Figure 8 Division!

Episode 15 Featuring part 2 of our look at the history between Evergreen Speedway and KRKO Radio dives into the effect that the  Northsound Racing radio show had not only on “The Super Speedway of the West” (Part 2)

Episode 14 Featuring a special 2-part edition of the Super Podcast of the West, we explore the long-time relationship between radio station KRKO and Evergreen Speedway. (Part 1)

Episode 13 Featuring Gaylon Stewart

Episode 12 Featuring Thomas Stanford and Nick Gunderson talking about their 2022 Summer Showdown

Episode 11 Featuring a couple of young drivers in the Speedway Chevrolet Pro-Late Model Division Dawson Cox and Haley Constance.

Episode 10 Featuring Visits with the 2021 Hornet Champion Peyton Hopp and long-time Hornet racer Zack Bristol

Episode 9 Featuring Visits with Carl Zaretzke, Dick Avalo, Joe McIntosh, Tom and Damon Claiborn and the Dynamic Duo of Doug Delfel and his Grandson Derek

Episode 8 Featuring Car-owner Dave Brandenberg and his driver “The One Armed Bandit” Quenton Borreson.

Episode 7 Featuring Chad Fitzpatrick is on the show talking about the up coming Driver Reunion Night

Episode 6 Featuring Terry Buell and a Throwback interview of Gary Lewis and Chuck Pickens Jr

Episode 5 Featuring Ricky Deitz and His Sponsor Tire Pros

Episode 4 Featuring Jonathan Peterson and Pete Jensen

Episode 3 Featuring Mackenzie Deitz, Olivia Repin, Ellie Musgrave, Gillian Leppado, and Brandy Chavez

Episode 2 Featuring The Cascade Push Truck Association plus Dirk Kruiswick and Jesse Jensen

Episode 1 Featuring Naima Lang and Nick Beecher