To All Concerning the Canceled Farewell to Prohibition 5K.



To All Concerning the Canceled Farewell to Prohibition 5K.

We were working very close with the organizers to make sure this event was managed, monitored and staffed, so that no cannabis, or cannabis related products were being sold or consumed at this event.

There was ample security and law enforcement in place to do bag and individual searches for guns, knives, alcohol and cannabis. All of the Industry Stakeholders who were involved agreed on ZERO tolerance for this event.

We felt confident we could host the Fun Run and Awareness Fair.

The speakers, doctors, lawyers, veterans groups, nurses, marketing companies, software companies and industry had a good program to explain many of the medical uses for their products.

We supported the intent of the organizers to raise awareness and educate the public.

Our intentions and due diligence for the past five years have always been to protect the County, The Fairgrounds and Speedway stake holders. We know and understand the importance of public opinion, safety, and perception to reputations across the board.

We canceled the event when the Liquor Control Board stated we would be 100% responsible for EVERYONE on the entire Fairgrounds.  With multiple events at several locations this weekend and thousands of parking and camping spots, it was completely unrealistic for us to police other groups and outsiders who visit the rest of the Fairgrounds.

As always, if you have any further questions or concerns, please reach out to me at doug{at}

Thank You,

Douglas Hobbs

Evergreen Speedway


Visit the Farewell to Prohibition 5k Website.